Spark the curiosity, talent, and passion of your students with hands-on music and dance, and art programs for all ages. Our music and dance residencies are super fun, skill-building, and uniquely tailored to support the learning needs of each individual school and class. Learning comes alive when kids see the math behind the music or experience American history through traditional folk songs and dances.

 Principals, Assistant Principals, teachers, Parent Coordinators, secretaries, and Parent Association parents - We are excited to work with you! Click  here or visit our contact us page to  set up a meeting, ask a question, or book a residency right away. We look forward to hearing from you!

Recipient of 2016-17 NYCDOE Arts Continuum Grant
Recipient of 2016-17 NYCDOE Arts for English Language Learners Grant
Recipient of 2018-19 NYCDOE Arts GrantS for ELL/SWD